If you’re self-motivated, comfortable with working with your trainer remote and looking for a trainer that will not only push you but will hold you accountable Rob Goodwin is your coach. Rob is a 23-year veteran personal trainer, fitness expert, top Ketogenic Nutrition Coach and is among the rising stars in the Global “Ketosphere.” He serves as a go-to resource for many. Rob has been an unrelenting self-experimenter and has spent thousands of hours questioning the validity of every strength, conditioning and nutritional protocol on the fitness landscape.

Your Online Training Program Includes

  • Detailed workouts for each day of the week.
  • Unlimited texts or emails messages to Rob with questions about your program.
  • Regular texts, emails, or videos from Rob explaining your workouts or related informaiton.
  • Recommendation for adjustments in your nutrition and supplementation as needed.
  • One 30-minute phone call per month to discuss your program or whatever is on your mind.

Our Expectations of You

  • Do the work! We will give you our very best and we expect the same.
  • Weekly or bi-weekly photos of your progress.
  • Videos of YOU doing certain exercises to confirm proper form and intensity.
  • Provide nutrition tracking data or food journals. We recommend My Fitness Pal.
  • Be a member of a local gym or have a well-equipped home gym.

Sign Up Now for Online Training with Rob Goodwin

Rob only works with a specific number of clients at a time to ensure you are receiving the best possible attention. Applicants are required to apply before being accepted as a client.

Terms of Membership and Service

  • Cancel at any time. We do NOT do contracts! No refunds or transfers, sorry. All training and coaching memberships are paid in advance. As long as you remain an active client your price will not increase even if your plan does.
  • It may take up to one week for your coach to develop your unique protocol and begin submitting your workouts upon initial payment. We are NOT a “cookie cutter” coaching site. ALL our programs are Custom Designed to each client’s unique needs. Your coach may also require you to answer a series of questions in order to gather all essential information needed to properly design your program.
  • Programming is for the client ONLY. Redistribution of coaching and training information will result in termination of your coaching program.
  • You coach may have limited contact on major holidays and vacation time. You will always be notified in advance when these dates arise. Your program will, however, not be interrupted.
  • Direct contact for questions (Email, messenger, text) will be available Monday through Friday from 7AM to 7PM. Limited Contact on Weekends.

Get In Touch With Rob

First, let me set your expectation. I am a personal fitness and nutritional trainer. I engage my clients in a variety of physical and psychological training methods to improve their individual sport-performance and personal fitness objectives. I do this through a proven method of weight-training and nutrition protocols. My goal is to see you reach your goals in strength, endurance, health, and appearance. Regardless of your fitness level, I personally guarantee you will get the personal attention, guidance, and accountability from me from start to finish.